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JABBA is a perfect tool when you used to have “that sound”, however it has the modern taste inside its bowels. Different variants of these instruments allow you to choose your desired tone!

“The Mayones Jabba 5 string enables me to get whatever bass sound is needed in the moment. The Jabba has a round tight bottom end, punchy midrange, clear and crisp high-end. The workmanship is top-notch with a great look. Thanks Dawid!!” – Jimmy Earl

“A sound always awesome, clean … perfect for slap, perfect for finger style, perfect for the harmonics ….. it was what I dreamed … It’s what I want!!!!!!” – Federico Malaman

“The Jabba is wonderful. It’s a modern JB with a vintage attitude and Vibe for days. I love it!” – Joel Whitley

“My Jabba has everything I look for in a “keeper” bass… a rigidly solid neck, a resonant contoured body, a tight B string with definition and clarity, excellent acoustic balance from top to bottom and sustain for days. Combined with superb fit and finish as well as a distinctive and muscular tone, this beautifully hand crafted instrument sits proudly amongst my handpicked custom basses from some of the worlds finest luthiers. Thank you Dawid, I am a believer!” – Thai Long Ly

Jabba 422
Jabba Classic
Jabba Custom EP
Jabba Custom BB
TopKlon PłomienistyTopola OczkowaBuckeye Burl
KorpusOlchaOlchaJesion Bagienny + WengeJesion Bagienny + Wenge
Szyjka1 częściowy Klon1 częściowy Klon1 częściowy Klon1częściowy Klon
PodstrunnicaPau Ferro / PalisanderPau Ferro / PalisanderPau Ferro / PalisanderPau Ferro / Palisander
MostekMayo BigFoot BridgeMayo BigFoot BridgeMayo BigFoot BridgeMayo BigFoot Bridge
PrzetwornikiNordstrand JJAguilar JJAguilar JJAguilar JJ
PreampMayo M-BP-2 (2 band)Mayo M-BP-2 (2 band)Mayo M-BP-3 (3 band)Mayo M-BP-3 (3 band)

Jabba 422

Jabba Custom Eye Poplar

Jabba Custom Eye Poplar V-Frets

Jabba Custom Buckeye Burl

Jabba MM/JMM

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